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In structuring the sizing chart, I have decided to do away with industry sizes and use flower names in place of the traditional numbers and words. There is a psychological aspect associated with labeling anyone with a size. Society's connotation of zero is "absolute nothing", and labeling individuals size zero raises moral and ethical concerns. To label someone with the intangible size zero proposes that they do not exist. To label someone as plus-sized is also insulting because it brushes individuals to the outer margins and sets sometimes impossible ideals for women to conform. 

Peaceful Fashions support a healthy and balanced lifestyle and appreciate every body type and seek to outfit you with fashionable flare without perpetuating preconceived notions of "ideal size". I encourage you to find your beauty within and not seek acceptance through conformity. Be your own individual. Realize that you are more than a size. Love yourself it changes the world.

Here is our size chart. If you have any questions email