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Peaceful Fashions provides unique, meaningful and high quality wearable art that celebrates life and love. Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind expression that possesses a positive energy of its own. All items are 100% handcrafted with love by the owner, Nellie Theroux, using environmentally friendly materials and techniques whenever possible. We take pride in offering professionally assembled garments and accessories of the highest quality that are stylish, functional and unique. We believe in ethical business practices, maintaining superior quality and providing a knowledge-based shopping experience. 

Peaceful Fashions is an independent fashion design company founded in 2010 under the creative direction of owner, Nellie Theroux. She loves combining different elements like color, pattern and texture to create original designs. Inspiration is pulled from nature, art and all things of beauty that abound. Nellie is a seamstress at heart, with over 8 years professional experience working at a local upholstery shop and 1 year working at the Westover Air Force Base as a tailor. A graduate from Lasell College with a BA in Fashion Design and Production, Nellie combines her real-world sewing experiences with her formal education.

Products offered through Peaceful Fashions help create a better economy and more promising future. We are committed to maintaining environmentally conscious principles and sustainable business practices. One way we achieve this is through "zero-waste" design, the philosophy that waste is actually a valuable resource. We are proud to be able to say all designs are 100% pre-consumer zero-waste; all-new materials are used and waste is eliminated in pattern design and manufacture.  When cutting, we take time to plan the most efficient layout so that every inch of fabric is utilized appropriately for least waste possible. We use remnant material from previous jobs down to the smallest scraps for patchwork designs used in my clothing and accessories. 


100% pre-consumer zero-waste sustainable design.  I collect discontinued fabric sample books and save scrap and remnant material from previous designs for use in my patchwork designs. Peaceful Fashions' Patchwork Collections are one-of-a-kind custom orders. My patchworks are a combination of traditional quilt blocks with a contemporary, organic approach.

I love patchwork because I find it beautiful; and for me, it is also a metaphor for life. Everything is a delicate balance of small pieces that work together towards one whole. Individual pieces are important on their own, but when they join the group they rise to their potential. If there is one patch missing, the community falls apart. Everything has a purpose, there is "zero waste".


The dream of creating my sustainable business began in 2010 out of the corner of my living room. Peaceful Fashions was born out of my passion to create and be inventive, and desire to share what I love with the world. I enjoy expressing myself through artwork and am excited by the process of materializing a design from an idea to a functional object.

I am a seamstress by trade and by nature. I still remember my first sewing project, a pair of felt moccasins I stitched up when I was seven years old. From there I was hooked, my mom gave me my grandmother's old sewing machine which I ran into the ground making all sorts of different things. When I was in high school, a class was offered called Fashion Design and Marketing which reinvigorated my passion for sewing and helped me realize there may be a future for me in this business. After high school, I went to to college for business but soon switched my major and began attending Lasell College for Fashion Design and Production and graduated in 2013.

When I was eighteen, I began working for a local upholstery shop as the seamstress/cutter where I strengthened my sewing and pattern-making skills. I learned new techniques and how to work with many different types fabrics. I am so inspired by the craftsmanship and design of the antique furniture we work on, and every day I learn something new. I currently work at this same upholstery shop where I now have eight years experience professionally sewing.

Please contact us if you are interested in special orders or custom designs! We would love to work with you to get you that perfect piece!